“FREE COFFEE FOR COLD HANDS” Warm Cold Hands with Innovative McCafe Activation


McDonald’s Turkey recently launched free coffee on Monday’s to drive coffee trial and footfall into the store. As part of this activation, on a chilly day in Istanbul, McDonald’s Turkey surprised consumers with the perfect solution to warm up their cold hands – free McCafe.

A specially designed McCafe Cup dispensing billboard was installed in Besiktas Square in Istanbul. The billboard measured how warm your hands were when placed upon it and users were then served a coffee cup which they could take to the Besiktas restaurant to fill up… for free!

Activation & First Results

This activity was supported by 3 local Instagram influencers, who demonstrated to their followers how to use the vending machine and how McDonald’s free coffee was the perfect way to warm up their hands and get their caffeine kick for free. In the first 5 days, the activation had approximately 1 million views and had a unique reach of 3 million!



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