OMD FWD- 8th August 2019💻

From Netflix recommendations to the rise of voice assistants, AI is increasingly finding its way into our daily lives. Just yesterday, Nike announced that they are buying an AI startup to predict what consumers want. You can’t deny AI is everywhere.

How do we accept, understand and trust AI in our day to day lives? Look no further than our very own Retail Revolution research study, which this week was featured in Business Insider series How AI Is Changing Everything


The Tik Tok takeover continues! By partnering with Giphy, fans of both can now import stickers and create memes.







Are third party schedulers a thing of the past? Instagram rolls out their very own post creator studio.







Alexa, close your ears… Amazon are now giving users the option to opt out of human review of their voice recordings.







Social media marketers rejoice as Snapchat’s new tool makes it easier to create vertical video assets.








Pin, pin, pin. Shop, shop, shop! The number of retail products on Pinterest was up by 50% in Q2 of 2019.





This report of high-subscriber YouTube channels finds that children’s content received more views than other videos!





The 4 giants unite in their goal to simplify data migration between platforms, as Apple joins Google, Facebook and Twitter in The Data Transfer Project.





Introducing WhatsApp Pay! Messenger services plans to make sending money between their 400 million active users as easy as sending a voice note.


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