OMD FWD w/c Jan 16th

Now that CES is behind us for another year, we look beyond the Vegas Strip at tech news and developments from around the globe. First up, China’s leading messaging app ‘WeChat’ has released ‘mini programs’, embedded apps which require no download or install.  By removing this step in the consumer experience, could this be the “app store” as we know it? We’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, Facebook and Instagram’s Stories are increasing their ad usage. Whilst we’re seeing more and more ads, recent research has found the majority of Instagram users find their presence to be a seamless integration into the experience. Instagram demonstrates that branded content can work if done with thought and purpose. And finally, with a turbulent year behind us, check out this visual roundup of 2016 to change your perception. Go on…you might be surprised.




  • BMW have developed an AR ‘Product Visualiser’ – interestingly powered by Google’s Tango technology – that enables customers to get close to and customise selected BMWi models that appear before their eyes.
  • Beautifully put together and mightily impressive: Kickstarter’s 2016.
  • Uber Movement aims to help cities ‘grow in a way that works for everyone’.


As ever, please read, learn and share away, #OMDFWD


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