OMD FWD w/c 26th February

Hello and welcome to your weekly FWD. Mobile World Congress has been taking place in Barcelona this week. From IAB’s “personal prime time” research to Google AdWord’s mobile Speed Scorecard and Impact Calculator, OMD has been providing the latest news from the frontlines, including OMD UK’s Jess Roberts who has reported on the continued rise of mobile intelligence.

Now that the Winter Olympics are over, we look back at this American athlete’s multi-sport journey to Pyeongchang, and Intel going for gold with another live drone performance during the Closing Ceremony.

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  • A tweet wiped out $1.3 billion of Snapchat stock market value.
  • An American went to the Olympics with Hungary, failed to qualify for the ski halfpipe finals finishing dead last but had a great time and got a medal. Moral of the story varies depending on your outlook on life.
  • Vero, a social network that’s been around for years, is undergoing a revival owing to a recent influx of influencers and their subsequent championing of the “no ads, no algorithms” promise.
  • Mobile World Congress is on, keep an eye out for lots of new toys and tech like the mobile Speed Scorecard and Impact Calculator Google’s AdWords released this morning.



  • Yandex’s Alice is a Russian-speaking personal assistant that is “a bit politically incorrect and unsympathetic” and people love it.
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  • Would you like an ecommerce client competitor’s internal site-search data? (SFW [seriously])



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