OMD FWD w/c 3rd July

Hello and welcome to this week’s OMD FWD. It’s a special week for the iPhone as it celebrates its 10th anniversary- Happy Birthday iPhone! On this milestone, here are 10 charts that show how the iPhone changed the world. Facebook is the talk of the town this week, starting with the debut of a new measurement tool to provide more transparency to advertisers in the hope of gaining their trust. The social media giant has also managed to find a way to identify spam and false articles in users’ feeds and will implement a new algorithm to cut them down. With the holiday season also upon us, you can now socialise whilst scuba diving. Royal Caribbean has launched a new snorkelling mask with built-in Snapchat Spectacles. With most people going on holiday to relax and take a break from technology it will be interesting to see if this is truly embraced. 

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