The Official Black Friday Wrap-Up

Our social intelligence team has brought together real time insights from this years Black Friday. Were they as expected?

Spain leads Europe in Black Friday Buzz

Out of all of the European countries, Spain is driving the biggest share of the Black Friday conversation (6.6%) followed by UK (5.5%) and France (4.8%).

Are audiences showing evidence of Black Friday fatigue?

This year has seen a drop in conversation of almost 10%


Tech giants and retailers dominate the Black Friday conversation

Amazon and Walmart are the most talked about brands on social media this year, and Video Consoles (namely X Box One and Play Station 4) are the most talked about products.

It’s all about gifting games

Parents are taking the opportunity to catch the best deals on Video Games

  Audience profile

Most talked about topics

Football Video Games                   (68.1K posts)

Fashion                                            (37.2K posts)

Beauty                                             (15.3K posts)


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