Creating connections that count: commitment to making every person matter

Creating connections that count: OMDs commitment to making every person matter

With such a huge amount of content at Cannes Lions It’s very easy to feel that you’re missing out on something great at all times. The OMD Oasis therefore ends up being a genuine place of refuge at the centre of La Croisette, where this week we have seen some amazing programme. After a fantastic morning in the Innovation Centre, with Beau Lotto telling us how little we know (a particular highlight for me),  I finished the day in our Oasis and was proud to hear how Omnicom is making a genuine difference in the world.

Moving From Impressions To People

First, indulge me, as I talk about a technical presentation which I think could help us overcome a huge issue for a lot of clients. Annalect’s Global CEO Slavi Samardzija hosted a session on Moving From Impressions To People: a discussion on how machine learning can help us better understand and connect with our consumers. I always struggle to understand how online optimisation actually works for clients, where most of their sales are delivered offline, and there’s no clear line of sight from the ads served to end purchase. We can end up optimising our media to engagement or reach, rather than driving more sales for our clients. Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan from Drawbridge talked about some smart ways that we’ve overcome this problem. Drawbridge work with brands to deliver “cross-device identity matching” solutions. Basically, cross-device identify matching helps marketers to map devices and browsers to the same consumer. What interested me was that by using the device ID, we can track when consumers are in-store and link that back to ad exposure over the whole campaign period. This means that even if the sale doesn’t happen online, we can still use the device ID to link a sale back to online exposures – which seems like a smart way to actually optimise online engagement to offline sales.

Traditionally the data points used to identify the consumer rely on registration based log-in. Great, but you’re obviously not getting the complete picture. What I liked about Drawbridge’s solution was that by adding in modelled identity, we can build a scalable solution which allows us to get as close as possible to a complete picture of who our consumers are.

The Power of Data-Driven Storytelling in Educating the Children of the World

The final session of day two made me proud to work at Omnicom Media Group. Our CEO John Wren introduced a brilliant new partnership with Girl Effect and Theirworld, supporting the UN’s goal to deliver “inclusive and quality education for all”.

When girls have access to education, everyone benefits. Educating women means that the economic prospects of their families and the whole community rises. The work that Girl Effect and Theirworld do aims to provide education for everyone. I hope this partnership with Omnicom can help them in two ways. First, by making sure that every connection they make counts. Annalect are helping to organise and process all the leads that they make to maximise the return and prove the impact of their work. But each connection and each data point tells often a heartbreaking story – the second way that we can help is to find these stories that sit behind the data. Girl Effect CEO Farah Ramzan Golant highlighted some of these stories, showing the perseverance and resilience of women denied education but who believed in the power of education to give them a better future.

I’m proud that the company I work for is supporting this initiative, and can’t wait to talk to OMD EMEA about how we can help.


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