Bacardi Eristoff launches Boris The Bot in partnership with OMD and Mobile 5 

Last year Bacardi’s vodka brand, Eristoff embarked on a two-year partnership deal with the world-renowned dance music event and streaming brand, Boiler Room. Reflecting Eristoff’s mysterious “From the Land of the Wolf’ brand, Boiler Room connects Eristoff with electric music communities by embedding the brand through new events and touchpoints.  

Keen to develop Eristoff’s brand beyond Boiler Room spaces, Bacardi challenged OMD to unlock engagement with 18-24 year olds, through the target audience’s preferred media channel- mobile. In partnership with Mobile 5, Boris the Bot, was created to help users have an amazing night in or out. Available in Facebook Messenger and launching across EMEA, Boris includes; party games for the perfect night in, exclusive playlists fueled by Spotify, event and venue recommendations, personalised GIFs and drinks suggestions, Uber integration and a built-in chat function ensuring experience is truly relevant and engaging. 

For Eristoff consumers, great nights are all about the ‘wolf pack’, the friendship group having and sharing new experiences together. The night out doesn’t start and end when entering a venue, it’s about planning the night and getting ready for recalling stories the next morning. Olya Dyachuk, Bacardi’s Global Digital Lead at OMD said of the activation, “We had to find a solution that attracts an audience that is hard to impress and works in legally restricted markets. It had to be a digital-first, authentic, easily shareable experience that delivers real value and more importantly, makes people want to come back. Dark social is a key place to plan the night with a ‘pack’ and we saw it as an exciting opportunity and a perfect fit,”  

Ricc Webb, Creative Excellence Manager said, “If you’re not giving people something useful or making them laugh, then what’s the point? That’s why we built Boris. We want to encourage people to explore the night, try new things and have a little fun in the process.”


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